Supporting Veterans as a Veteran Affairs’ Network Provider

About Lifeskills

Lifeskills is dually licensed to treat veterans with a primary mental health diagnosis for complex psychiatric disorders, and/or any primary substance use disorder diagnoses through the Community Care Network (CCN).

We are a DBT intensive program with expertise in caring for and treating veterans with high psychiatric acuity, borderline personality disorder, trauma responses, or need a highly specialized approach.

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“This place saved my life. Being surrounded by supportive people 24/7 allowed me to see my worth and understand that hope is possible. I miss the supportive staff and peers I met along this journey. Time flies here if you’re willing to get the help you need and deserve.”

Grateful Client

What We Treat

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Treatment Team

  • Quintuple-Board Certified Psychiatrist, Dr, Daniel Bober, served as a mental health policy fellow in the U.S. Senate through the American Psychiatric Association, allowing him to work with Congress to impact mental health policy, particularly for veterans and active duty service members.
  • Licensed doctoral and masters level clinicians with multiple certifications
  • Veterans on staff to support individuals seeking recovery
  • Separate therapists for individual and family work
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“In my experience, a veteran seeking qualified help when struggling with a condition isn’t weakness, it demonstrates strength. The clinical expertise at Lifeskills treating trauma, substance abuse, and other mental health conditions drew me here to be a part of helping veterans, honoring their service, and leveraging my training to give them an edge in achieving long-term recovery. Thank you for your service.”

– Christopher Jackson, Lifeskills Treatment Team Member & Veteran

Levels of Care

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Intensive Residential Treatment (RTC) – Safe, Structured Care Environment


Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) – Intensive 5-Day Treatment Program

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Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) – Intensive 3-Day Partial Day Treatment Program

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Transitional Living – Supervised Homes Supporting Outpatient Continuum Programs

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we are an approved provider through the Veteran’s Client Care Network. We will need to connect with your VA team and obtain authorization through your local VA.

Our Admissions Team can guide you through this process since Lifeskills works with VA’s across the nation and is familiar with this process.

Please provide your VA team’s (therapist, social worker, and/or psychiatrist) contact information to your Admissions Counselor at Lifeskills and we can connect with them to let them know you have reached out for help.

You may also ask your team at the VA to reach out to the Admissions Counselor you are working with to help facilitate the process.

Our program has over 30+ years of experience treating adults with co-occurring needs and is dually licensed to treat substance abuse as well as mental health issues.

  • Our team includes Master’s level licensed clinicians and/or Clinical Psychologists with additional training in their area(s) of expertise.
  • We offer seven distinctive clinical pathways to target each client’s individual needs.
  • Programming is offered within our structured and supportive open campus which promotes daily living skills in a non-institutionalized setting.
  • We are not a “one size fits all program.”

Yes, Lifeskills offers a trauma specific clinical pathway. We offer several different types of trauma-based therapies at Lifeskills provided by extensively trained Master’s and Doctoral level clinicians including EMDR.

We do not, however, we can work with your local VA, and, if authorized, they may fund transportation to and from your state.

In working with your team at the VA, we will request that you initially admit with 30-days of medication(s). Going forward, the nursing team at Lifeskills can work with the VA to coordinate getting your current or any new medications covered.

Lifeskills does not prescribe methadone, but if clinically indicated, our quintuple board certified Medical Director can explore the benefits of prescribing Suboxone (not Subutex).

Your Clinical Team at Lifeskills can request additional time at the residential level of care if clinically indicated or recommend that you step down to our lower levels of care, including Partial Hospitalization (PHP) and/or Intensive Out-Patient (IOP) with our Transitional Housing option.

We communicate with them for authorizations, medications, and progress, but only with your written consent. You can choose what information is shared.

“Lifeskills has helped bring me to reality. Changed my life to more positive outlooks and positive way of life. I’m learning new ways every day. The staff has been extremely helpful to me.Their experience is very empathetic and knowledgeable at the same time. Clinical staff worked with us individually; unusual. … Thank you Lifeskills.”

Grateful Client

Clinical Pathways

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

Provided through a comprehensive Linehan compliant 13-week program, as well as auxiliary DBT groups for those focusing on other clinical pathways. Our clinicians are intensively trained by the Marsha Linehan institute for advanced skills in the use of DBT, which reinforces, expands, and strengthens our current DBT programs.


Involves a variety of interventions. A typical 3-stage approach by a client’s trauma team follows a structure similar to the one below:

Stage 1 – Safety and Stabilization
Stage 2 – Trauma Processing
Stage 3 – Reintegration

Substance Use Disorders

For clients facing a complex substance use disorder and/or a process addiction. Our holistic approach integrates Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) principles with the 12-Step philosophy.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

A solution focused, evidence-based treatment approach. CBT can be described as understanding and challenging irrational, often negative thinking. As clients become aware of how cognitions, emotions, and behavior are related they can learn a new way to respond

Video Game and Technology Addictions

Uses evidence-based process addiction therapies such as motivational enhancement and cognitive behavioral therapies in conjunction with a digital detox, recreational therapy, and strong family programming to reintroduce technology as part of a balanced lifestyle.

Cognitive Remediation Therapy (CRT)

A computer-based training technique that facilitates improvement in targeted cognitive areas, such as executive functioning and processing speed. Cognitive skills, such as a person’s ability to pay attention, remember, process information, solve problems, organize and reorganize information, and communicate and act upon information–work together to allow an individual to function independently in their environment.

Metabolic Fitness

Designed to reduce the risk of cardiometabolic syndrome. With a dual wellness focus on treating the body and mind, Lifeskills utilizes metabolic fitness to tend to physical and mental health concurrently. Metabolic fitness works in conjunction with the six other clinical pathways to give our clients a comprehensive treatment experience

“This place has saved my life, it is exceptional in every way, the therapists from every aspect are great. The community living is very helpful to get your life back in order by going to the gym, yoga, the groups, and outside meetings really help you in your recovery. I recommend this treatment facility because of the wide variety of the therapy, the staff and the overall good vibes it has in general. If your life is unmanageable and you want to change your life for the better – this is the place! Take it seriously, and you will get so much out of it.”

Grateful Client

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