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Bill Kovach

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Bill Kovach

As the Daytime Residential Supervisor, Bill utilizes his training in DBT interventions and crisis prevention while working one on one with clients fighting through adversity, resolving interpersonal conflicts that arise in residential treatment settings, and organizing the client community to appropriate participation, redirecting maladaptive behaviors. Ten years ago, he left a comfortable position at a business run by friends to pursue a passion for helping others. He has cared for individuals of all ages battling mental illness, substance abuse, dual diagnosis, and comorbid medical issues, and he has served as liaison to families. Bill was also the Director of Safety and Security at an adolescent mental health and substance abuse treatment facility. He is experienced with the licensing and accreditation process with DCF and JACOH. His goal is always to ensure that our clients are safe and to seamlessly coordinate with clinical staff to maximize the client’s treatment experience and promote healing.

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