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For over 30 years, Lifeskills has provided customized, evidence-based mental health treatment and is recognized as a national center of clinical excellence. Dually licensed to treat complex psychiatric, trauma, and substance use disorders for adults of all genders; we offer a full continuum of care from intensive residential to step-down outpatient programs supported with transitional living options; all within our supportive and serene campuses.

Six Clinical Pathways

As the foundation of our evidence-based practices, Lifeskills offers Six Clinical Pathways, and each is led by a doctoral-level or licensed clinician with additional national certifications in their area of expertise. Based on an assessment of clinical need and diagnosis, each client is prescribed the most appropriate primary and secondary clinical pathways. Throughout treatment, we’re flexible within our clinical pathways to ensure that each client’s recovery journey is right for them.

Family Support Program

At Lifeskills, we understand that when a loved one is suffering from an addiction or a mental illness, family members can find themselves at a loss for direction. And it’s not uncommon for families to feel overwhelmed with making decisions as finding the right help for their loved one can be stressful. Family members arrive at our facilities seeking guidance, hope, and peace, which we provide via our comprehensive Family Support Program.

a image of hands, where the therpaist comforts the patient by keeping their hand on theirs

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