What Is Psychiatric Medication Evaluation, Treatment, and Management?

At Lifeskills, psychiatric medication evaluation, treatment, and management consists of an initial evaluation of the client’s need for psychiatric medications, the prescription of the appropriate medication(s), and the ongoing monitoring of the medication(s) by a qualified physician/prescriber.

Psychiatric Medication Evaluation, Treatment, and Management Components

As part of our admissions process, one of our highly trained, board-certified psychiatrists and/or psychiatric nurse practitioners meets with each client for a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation. This evaluation includes a review of the client’s current mental health and substance use symptomology, precipitating factors leading to enrollment at Lifeskills, history (including family history) of mental health and substance use symptomology, mental status examination, and current medication and recommendations. Our providers welcome feedback from collaborative sources such as family members, significant others, previous providers, and referral sources.  After the initial evaluation, each client’s medication regime is closely monitored with the assistance of registered nursing staff and adjustments are made when necessary and with the client’s input taken into consideration.  Our psychiatric providers meet with our clients regularly and more often when the need arises to ensure that our clients receive the highest quality of care.

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