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Get Personalized Treatment for Psychosis

Seeking treatment is one of the most important steps you or a loved one can take on the journey to recovery from psychosis.  At Lifeskills South Florida, we know how serious and complex mental disorders can be and the social, emotional, and physical challenges they can pose.

Psychosis is a symptom, not an illness, characterized as a disruption to an individual’s thoughts and perceptions, making it difficult for them to perceive what is real and what is not.  According to the National Institute of Mental Health, three out of 100 people will experience psychosis at some point in their lives. There is not thought to be a specific cause of psychosis, but is also attributed to sleep deprivation, some prescription medications, and substance abuse.  Traumatic events in a person life, such as a death of a loved one or a sexual assault can also lead to a psychotic episode in those that are vulnerable. Psychosis may also occur as a feature in mental health disorders such as schizophrenia or Bipolar Disorder.

Experiencing a psychotic disorder may be scary and confusing, but it is possible to treat. Because there is not one specific cause for psychosis, it is important to receive a thorough and accurate diagnosis from a qualified healthcare professional.  Studies have shown that typically people who experience a psychosis have symptoms for more than a year before receiving treatment.  It is important to receive effective treatment as early as possible, to reduce the duration of untreated psychosis.


Continuum of Care

Lifeskills comprehensive therapeutic clinical track focuses on long-term recovery for the individual and the family. We offer onsite evidence-based treatment using core modalities that include gender specific trauma, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and cognitive remediation. In addition, the Lifeskills treatment program promotes re-integration into life beyond treatment through therapeutic structured outings that include shopping trips, recreational activities and cultural activities within the community.

As clients work through recovery towards independence, we support them through a continuum of care that includes:

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Residential Treatment Program

Our residential treatment program offers hope, healing, and a healthy lifestyle for all residents. Clients live in fully furnished townhomes that are professionally staffed 24 hours a day. This realistic, home-like setting allows residents to adapt their new coping skills within the local community and to daily routines while taking part in the therapeutic process.
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Partial Hospitalization Treatment (PHP)

Our Outpatient Center offers clients a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), which is an intensive 5-day a week treatment program, consisting of highly structured, evidence-based therapy during the day. PHP provides clients autonomy in a safe environment to practice recovery skills in real-life situations.
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Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP)

The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is a step-down level of treatment from the residential treatment program or partial hospitalization program. IOP is designed to help support the recovery progress and help clients receive supportive services with ease with 10 hours of treatment per week.
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Transitional Living

Osceola House is an accredited transitional living community that allows individuals to step-down from residential care to a community of semi-independent living. Osceola House offers both men and women the chance to practice clinical skills gained with a focus on meaningful life activities including employment, education, or volunteerism.


About Lifeskills

For 30 years, Lifeskills has been a trusted provider, dually licensed to treat psychiatric and co-occurring substance use disorders for men and women ages 18 and over.  Our team of dedicated and experienced professionals partners with clients and their families to design an effective plan with complex solutions in a safe and caring environment. Our holistic approach allows clients to achieve the self-awareness, self-reliance, and self-monitoring skills needed to live a more independent life once they leave treatment.
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