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Get Personalized Treatment for Video Game Addiction

The addictive properties of video gaming can be related to other addictive behaviors such as gambling, pornography, or shopping. Video games are designed intentionally to give players the feeling that they can and should always improve on their previous performance.

Players are left with the feeling of potential and of maybe getting to that new goal or achievement. They could possibly level-up the next time they play, or they could beat that level or task that has been driving them crazy. It is this same potential that keeps gamblers coming back to the casinos.


Our Four-Phase Approach

Lifeskills comprehensive therapeutic clinical track focuses on long-term recovery for the individual and the family. Our four-phase approach focuses on retraining the brain to get fulfillment out of new real-time activities, rather than relying on video games. With help, participants learn to live in a healthier and balanced manner to reengage in their daily lives.

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Phase 1

Usually lasting 2 – 3 weeks, is a “digital realignment” where the Participant is removed from access to the internet and digital screens and reintroduced to the naturalistic rewards of real-time living. During this phase, an emphasis is placed on re-balancing mind, body, and emotions along with good nutrition, adequate sleep, exercise, and social interaction.
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Phase 2

Engages the Participant in more active social interaction, communication, real-time activities, healthy lifestyle, and education of both the participant and family members on the dynamics of internet and technology addiction. The focus in phase 2 is on: managing stress, social skills, learning to cope with boredom, and how to avoid triggers and urges to go online.
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Phase 3

A step-down phase where Participants are gradually weaned-off the externally imposed structure of the program and assume semi-independent responsibilities, with some reintroduction to technology access while still experiencing the support of the Lifeskills clinical team.
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Phase 4

The final phase of the program consists of discharge planning, structuring aftercare, beginning to resume a more balanced life which might include work, school, social activities, and healthy self-care.


About Lifeskills

For 30 years, Lifeskills has been a trusted provider, dually licensed to treat psychiatric and co-occurring substance use disorders for men and women ages 18 and over.  Our team of dedicated and experienced professionals partners with clients and their families to design an effective plan with complex solutions in a safe and caring environment. Our holistic approach allows clients to achieve the self-awareness, self-reliance, and self-monitoring skills needed to live a more independent life once they leave treatment.
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