By: Michelle Quilter, PsyD, CASAC

In an article presented by the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder by Faculty of the Harvard medical school, the article dissects the various aspects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Acute Stress Disorder. In it, we are provided examples of trauma and the many symptoms associated with it that an individual may suffer from. At LifeSkills of South Florida we aim to help our clients recognize the impact and connection between their trauma and overall advancement. Additionally, along with the clients goals are set to help the clients address their co-occurring issues associated with trauma i.e. Substance abuse, depression and/or anxiety, develop coping skills and to provide precise and apropos psychotropic interventions.

There are three clinicians at LifeSkills of South Florida that are trained in trauma. All of whom provide group and individual therapy to address the symptoms of trauma and PTSD. During a 90 day period at our residential facility, we offer two groups tailored to address our client’s needs. Male and Female trauma, which meets twice weekly and our 12 week curriculum follows evidence based modalities; Seeking Safety and Cognitive Processing Therapy. These modules are proven to address the issues of trauma and its effects. These groups are able to provide psychoeducation and psychodynamic therapy to address the effects of trauma. Our PTSD group is also designed to provide a structured exposure component to trauma, where the client can appropriately share their story and participate in psychoeducational and experiential activities. With individual therapy, our trauma focused clinicians are dexterous in the field and can provide precise individualized therapies and techniques to address the clinical needs of the clients served.

The article also indicates the diagnostic features of trauma in which our clinical and psychiatric staff are well versed in addressing and assessing. Psychiatric intervention studies have not provided clear indications of the most effective medications but the article does indicate classes of medications that can be effective. With the aid of Genesight testing, our experienced medical team can assist our clients in identifying the appropriate Antidepressants, Antianxiety drugs, Adrenergic inhibitors, Mood Stabilizers and Antipsychotic medications that will be best suited for their treatment.
Lifeskills South Florida offers modalities geared toward addressing the issues of trauma. These include but are not limited to:

  • Genesight testing is a support tool which is clinical proven to match the appropriate medications to an individual’s genotype to address the negative symptoms of trauma.
  • Weekly medical management by our highly trained and accomplished medical staff.
  • Licensed clinicians trained in EMDR, working with Veterans w/PTSD, childhood abuse and dissociation and other trauma focused modalities.


  • Two separate groups tailored to address Trauma and PTSD:
    Male and Female Trauma meets twice a week and incorporates two modalities tailored toward a clients need. Cognitive Processing Therapy, a cognitive-behavioral therapy (treatment that focuses on thoughts and feelings) for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and related conditions and Seeking Safety a present-focused therapy to help people attain safety from trauma/PTSD and substance abuse. In combination these modalities provide structured group therapy to help our clients with insight into the effects of trauma, coping techniques for those maladaptive behaviors and coping skills for distressful images, memories and emotions.
    PTSD group meets weekly and provides clients an opportunity to share their experiences that have effected them emotionally, mentally and physically. In our supportive and nut urging environment, clients receive feedback to help normalize their responses to their trauma.

These groups provide more than 3 hours of therapy tailored to addressing trauma.

  • In conjunction with consultation to our staff, LifeSkills of South Florida also offers groups to address all co-occurring disorders (often referred to as dual diagnosis) associated with trauma, from Substance Abuse Education, Chemical Dependency DBT for substance abuse, CBT and DBT for personality disorders and emotional regulation.