By Alice Saltzman, CSW

In the Harvard University Medical School articles, these authors outline ways to train the brain to reduce stress, anxiety and depression.  One of the ways to help stave off stress is through mindfulness and yoga, which are both offered at Lifeskills South Florida. Lifeskills South Florida offers yoga classes 6 days a week, in addition to Spirituality and Meditation classes and other groups.

Since easing psychological stress and calming the nervous system is so critical to creating a therapeutic environment, Yoga is the natural companion to evidence based treatment. Yoga shares many of the same goals and teaches participants to achieve these goals in a holistic manner through new coping mechanisms, controlled breathing, and gaining control over thoughts and emotions.  These techniques bring balance and peace of mind. Yoga positions express acceptance of one’s own failures and forgiving to self. Breath control facilitates physical control and inner and outer peace.

Through the self-discipline and meditation of Yoga concrete actions to achieve treatment goals or life plan goals are enhanced. Yoga supports those goals by giving individuals tools to positively direct their emotions, thoughts and coping mechanisms. Come experience the personal growth and fulfillment through Yoga at Lifeskills South Florida. Our admissions staff are standing by and waiting for your call; (844) 749-1560.