Project Description

Heather Hendren

As National Director of Business Development at Lifeskills South Florida, Heather oversees our team of highly trained Regional Clinical Outreach Directors who provide invaluable resources for professionals and the patients they serve. She is an Emmy-nominated television host, writer, and producer with over eight years of experience in the field of broadcast journalism. From conducting celebrity interviews to producing award-winning documentaries, her passion for giving an authentic voice to an otherwise stigmatized population has always been a driving force behind her personal and professional life. Her passion for behavioral health was ignited during the creation of an educational program on mental health and addiction for PBS in which she interviewed brave people at war with their own mental health symptoms, heartbroken family members who’d lost loved ones to addiction, and those inspiring people who journeyed on to find recovery. As Heather emotionally signed off on that very show, she knew it would be her last. Thus, began her personal and professional journey into the field of mental health.

Since 2010, Heather has served our industry in various capacities from Director of Admissions to Professional Outreach Representative. She has a natural curiosity and innate ability to connect people which has served her well in being a liaison for healthcare professionals, families and individuals as they explore treatment options. She’s co-founded Mental Health Professionals of Boca Raton and Mental Health Professionals of Broward County – both networking groups for female mental health providers in South Florida. Heather is a proud Boilermaker having graduated from Purdue University.