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The North Campus provides a home-like treatment environment for residents, featuring 24/7 residential supervision and support. This dedicated 16-bed milieu is committed to a customized approach to care for adults (18 years and older) who need intensive supervision and stabilization prior to potentially transitioning to the Lifeskills Main (or South) Campus.

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Why was the North Campus developed?

Designed to meet patients “where they are” and guide them to an improved quality of life, the North Campus proudly offers highly individualized services designed with the more complex individual in mind.

In this closely supervised structure, individuals struggling with the most difficult of mental health issues and/or addictions can find professional care and help through this comprehensive diagnostic and treatment option.

  • Evidence-based clinical care is grounded in a reassuring environment with traditional psychotherapy and group therapies (specifically to include cognitive remediation, skills building, and metabolic fitness), psychoeducation, social skills training, optimized medication use, and education to guide residents toward personal long-term care management.
  • Individuals take part in small group treatment apart from the larger campus, allowing them time and space to heal.
  • The intensive nature of the North Campus offers a customized clinical approach designed to promote stabilization and develop a foundation for optimum skill building for sustained recovery.
  • It offers a potential transition onto the South Campus as well as longer-term transitional living programs at Osceola House.

Lifeskills South Florida offers the option for a full psychological assessment and genetic testing to ensure that proper diagnosis and treatment can be provided.

Struggles with mental health and addiction issues can be not only complex but complicated, and customary inpatient and outpatient treatment options typically cannot solve the puzzle given the lack of individualized attention to their specific needs. To address this, the North Campus programming meets patients and families “where they are” and assists them to achieve optimal results. Precision in developing a customed treatment plan for each patient’s care makes the difference in the level of success that can be obtained in the long term. Our model has a full continuum of care based on progress and need.

Key Components

  • An encouraging, home-like, and healing milieu of only 16 residents with 24/7 staff supervision on its own section of the Lifeskills South Florida campus. The small community offers extra space to heal and recover.
  • A group therapy curriculum with a focus on social skills training, interpersonal effectiveness, reading cues, increasing motivation, expressive arts, and cognitive remediation.
  • A focus on health and body utilizing structured psychoeducation regarding activities of daily living (ADL’s), hygiene, medication compliance, sleep hygiene, and nutrition; guided by professionals for yoga, culinary arts, and metabolic fitness.
  • Psychiatric evaluation, with weekly follow up appointments and increased pharmacologic appointments as needed, with the Psychiatrist.
  • Board Certified Internal Medicine and Primary Care Physician on-site for managing co-morbid medical concerns as well as intensive nursing support.
  • A specifically assigned clinical Primary Therapist for individualized treatment planning and individual sessions and support.
  • A specifically assigned Family Therapist for family support and clinical family sessions.
  • A behavioral aspect of the program with outside activities and rewards for celebrating even the smallest of victories.
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Care environment

The campus has been thoughtfully designed to provide a safe haven for those requiring time for acclimation to the therapeutic milieu with careful consideration for “double living spaces”.

The North Campus’ increase in private space is differentiated from the South Campus, where a “forced socialization model” promotes interaction with others. With a focus on balance and healing, the North Campus permits separation without isolation. The property also includes areas for reflection, outdoor walking paths, sitting areas, patios, and water features.

Similarly, the clinical curriculum mirrors this in terms of increased clinical sessions, supportive case management, medical care, and group therapy with housemates for cloistered group sessions specifically during residents’ time to “take root” in treatment.

Medication storage and management

A Behavioral Health Technician office is located within one of the houses on the North Campus providing individualized support, medications, and biologicals as prescribed. logo
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