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Osceola House by Lifeskills South Florida is transitional living program for both men and women and offers independent, supported living in gender-specific housing.  Located near the beaches of Delray Beach, Florida and bustling Atlantic Avenue, Osceola House is also conveniently located near Lifeskills’ Outpatient Office.

About Our Transitional Living Program

LifeSkills_Osceola House logoFARR Accredited Level III, Osceola House’s caring staff provides care 24/7, assisting clients who have stepped down from the residential treatment program and need supervised, structured living support while attending Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), outpatient care, college or community activities.  Osceola staff provides transportation to IOP, Recovery and mental health support meetings, general errands and appointments.

However, our transitional living program encourages independence at this level of care. Residents may use bikes, community transportation, and personal vehicles after acclimating to the program and with approval from the primary therapist. The Osceola transitional living staff will encourage clients to grow through meaningful life activities in the areas of education, employment, or volunteerism.

transitional living program house

We encourage clients to find an individual, purposeful activity within the first few weeks of arrival at the Osceola House transitional living program, such as school, a job, or volunteer position. They will also find continued support in sober and mental health recovery with daily morning meditation groups, Friday community meetings, and Sunday community meals.

The Osceola House staff are a part of the Lifeskills Treatment Team and are in constant contact with the Lifeskills’ clinical staff, ensuring the outstanding care received at Lifeskills is carried throughout the entire continuum of care.

Treatment at Lifeskills South Florida

Before entering a transitional living program, clients have to be ready to live independently and prevent relapse. Traditionally, the majority of clients participating in transitional living have completed or are currently enrolled in mental health programs with Lifeskills South Florida. Program enrollment will depend on the person and their circumstances, but options include:

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