If you struggle with both a mental health disorder and a substance use disorder, Lifeskills South Florida can provide you with the treatment you need. A dual diagnosis can be challenging to confront, but at Lifeskills we provide reliable and trustworthy care.

Basics of Dual Diagnosis

When people have a mental illness, they sometimes attempt to self-medicate by resorting to alcohol and drugs. If the use of these substances becomes unhealthy, it can also end in a substance use disorder. Unfortunately, the substance abuse worsens the mental illness.

Signs of problematic behaviors include:

  • Distance from friends and family
  • Struggles to maintain normal daily activities and routines
  • Engaging in risky or illegal behaviors
  • Increasing tolerance for alcohol or drugs
  • Irregular sleeping schedules

Dual diagnoses can be challenging for clients to confront because they are two-part. It’s also difficult to face mental illness and substance abuse disorder separately. However, with the expert care at Lifeskills South Florida, our clients can feel comfortable knowing they’re receiving the best care.

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Benefits of Lifeskills Florida Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Just like dual diagnosis features a two-part diagnosis, the best treatment focuses on both the mental illness and the substance use disorder. At Lifeskills South Florida, we work with our clients to make sure we understand all aspects of the dual diagnosis. Furthermore, all of our staff is at either Masters or Doctoral practicing levels.

We work with our clients to treat their illnesses in a holistic way, including personal and family therapy. Everyone we treat works with two therapists. Their primary therapist works on the key points of the client’s diagnosis. The secondary therapist helps guide the client and their loved ones through family therapy.

Additionally, we have a range of mental health programs in home-like settings, including:

Lifeskills South Florida also features a range of evidence-based therapeutic measures. The treatment at Lifeskills South Florida for dual diagnosis follows three prongs:

  • Evidence-based therapies in individual and family therapies
  • Integrated primary care
  • Vocational skills training

In each of these steps of treatment, we have individualized therapies, including:

These methods are all unique, and we commit to tailoring each client’s plan to suit their needs. Additionally, as each client moves into a new step of treatment, they are welcome to change their housing plan as well. Our range of housing options also ensures that clients can stay with Lifeskills South Florida throughout their recovery.

Taking the First Steps

For you or your loved one, seeking treatment for the dual diagnosis can be difficult. With Lifeskills South Florida, we walk with you the whole way. Our Yale-educated Medical Director, Dr. Daniel Bober, directs our staff in the process. When you enroll in a program at Lifeskills South Florida, we trust that you will feel comfortable in our program.

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