Lifeskills South Florida Testimonials: Referents

Regarding placement:

Rabbi Gaines and the Lifeskills Team are not only motivated by an amazing level of love for their clients and passion for their work, but also possess the rare expertise necessary to act as True Catalysts of Recovery!

Anonymous Professional

I am in the medical field and worked with many of their patients. I was very impressed by their caring and professional staff, the overall program, everything about Life Skills. They are an asset to our community. They truly do teach life skills. I highly recommend referring patients to them!

Anonymous Professional

I have worked with Lifeskills for many years, professional staff and great leadership. I would strongly recommend Lifeskills services for you or your loved one!

Anonymous Professional

I have spent time with patients of Lifeskills while they were at the facility. Lifeskills does a good job of treating the entire patient whether its mental health and/or addiction. Additionally, Rabbi Gaines has been a critical member of the team and does a superb job of connecting with patients and helping them to strengthen their spiritual connections.

Anonymous Professional

“Lifeskills South Florida is a specialized private psychiatric facility with a team of professional clinicians who are skilled in addressing an array of disorders. Treatment for each client is individualized and tailored.”

Anonymous Professional

“Life skills has the best director of nursing. She truly cares about the people and is hardworking and knowledgeable. The other staff members are great and really work together as a team. I had the pleasure to visit the facility and it was better than I expected. The director of nursing was kind and answered all of my questions. She’s truly a professional!”

Anonymous Professional

My experience with Lifeskills South Florida has been excellent. They have had great communication and the care they have given to my client has been exceptional. I have not been disappointed whatsoever and feel my client is being well cared for and helped.

Anonymous Professional

“As a licensed mental health professional who works with numerous programs across the country, I know that I can trust Lifeskills South Florida with my most complex referrals. It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know and coming to trust the leadership and staff at Lifeskills. Dr. Ockman is extremely helpful and always accommodating with anything that might arise with a client. He provides sound leadership to his clinical staff and I feel that as a team they bring an expert level of skill to assist the clients that are entrusted to their care.”

Matthew Abraham

“Over several years we have made many referrals to Lifeskills South Florida and the feedback following admission has been positive. The programming is empirically based treatment and the staff is knowledgeable about the latest recommended treatments for various co-occurring disorders. The clinical staff is responsive to us referents and to their clients. The facility is conducive to recovery and demonstrates the respect the program has for their clients. The clinical team is exceptional. They have a shared vision of clinical excellence that is truly reflected in the leadership of the program.”

University-based teaching facility, Boston, CA

“We have worked with Lifeskills South Florida since 2003. They are one of our primary referrals because of their ability to work with diagnostically complex and challenging clients. They provide a variety of treatment services such as Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, vocational testing, chemical dependency and eating disorder treatment and assessment. More importantly, they are committed to working with treatment refractory clients and doing so with a team of very dedicated professionals. We are lucky to have them as a referral source and have heard from many family members who are pleased with the experiences they have had at Lifeskills South Florida.”

University-based teaching facility, Houston, TX

“Lifeskills has been a center of excellence and a place I am proud of. Lifeskills South Florida supported me and provided me with specialty training in EMDR AND DBT to ensure that I was as clinically skilled as possible for providing treatment to those with trauma and BPD. THANK YOU LIFESKILLS! I highly recommend us to my colleagues, family and friends.”

Anonymous Professional

“I never use a program that I haven’t toured, and Lifeskills passes the mustard. I have just referred my first client with full confidence of success!”

Dr. Mark Burdick, Burdick Psychological & Placement Services, International

“Thumbs up for Lifeskills South Florida, where hope is transformed into healing. I had an amazing experience of professionalism, knowledge and positivity during my visit and be happy to include Lifeskills into my portfolio of recommendations for mental health and substance use disorders.”

Susanne Johnson, CAI-II, CBI, CRS, EMR, Metropolis, IL

“Lifeskills is well paced and organized, great staff! Great facilities! Very impressive. My clients felt so much more comfortable with sending their daughter to treatment, knowing that I knew the place and had met the staff.”

Janette Patterson, Relationship Collaboration Therapy, Silver Spring, MD

“Lifeskills is an amazing program staffed with caring, compassionate and competent individuals.”

William Jason Thompson, LISW-S, LICDC-CS, Lindner Center of Hope

“I work for a company that often works with families whose loved one is struggling with MH disorders. Life skills of South FL is a facility that we turn to often when providing care for our clients in need. Collaborating with their team from outreach, to admissions to clinical is such a joy and we know that our clients are in capable hands when working with them.”

Anna McCoy

“I have referred clients to Lifeskills over the years and have never heard anything but positive feedback. I had the opportunity to visit Lifeskills for the first time for a processionals weekend in November 2018. I was incredibly impressed by all of the staff and everything I learned about the services they offer. I would send a loved one to Lifeskills, knowing they would receive the highest quality care possible.”

Lauren Davis

“In my line of work I meet with many facilities who treat individuals struggling with primary mental health and substance use disorder. Lifeskills is by far on the top of my list of providers that I trust and have full confidence in. The staff are all so friendly and really know how to make you feel welcome upon arrival. Their clinical team is amongst the best I’ve seen. I guess the best way to put it is that if I had a loved one struggling with primary mental health concerns, Lifeskills would be where I would choose to send them.”

John Klempner

“During my time with working at The Lindner Center of HOPE we have worked with Lifeskills South Florida many times. They are a wonderful option for our clients seeking long term treatment after completing our program. The quality of care is exceptional and staff are highly trained.”

Mischele H., Lindner Center of HOPE

“What a wonderful program! I have collaborated with Lifeskills on a number of difficult cases and they always go above and beyond to provide top notch care to those suffering from mental health and substance abuse issues. Ethan Jordan and the rest of the team at Lifeskills are second to none. Would highly recommend them to family or friends.”

Tom Williams

“This past weekend I had the pleasure of performing for the residents of Lifeskills South Florida, as the Covid-19 situation has prevented some of the regularly scheduled outings, and the staff wanted to bring in some fun for everyone. As a professional entertainer for the last 20+ years, I’ve performed at numerous treatment facilities over the years, and this is by far the most impressive. Surprisingly, it doesn’t feel anything like an institution, but more like a resort. Security was tight, the staff was kind and easy to work with, and the residents were nice, respectful, and engaged. Groups were kept small and socially distant, and masks and temperature checks were required. I’m glad that Lifeskills realizes how important it is for their residents to have a little fun on their way to recovery.”

Larry Greenberg

Lifeskills South Florida Testimonials: Clients

Regarding treatment:

“Tara is an amazing therapist. She is skilled in DBT and helping with both anxiety and emotion regulation. I liked her so much that when I left the Lifeskills program, I continued with Tara as my individual outpatient therapist.”

Grateful Client

“Ever since I first stepped foot onto the Lifeskills South Florida property I felt welcome. The staff are very professional and the clients are also peaceful and supportive towards one another. It’s been a wonderful experience! I’m more than thrilled that my medication was updated. I feel so much better. I cannot thank all of you enough.”

Grateful Client

“I have one motive for writing this review of Lifeskills South Florida which, is to tell the truth. Lifeskills composed an “individualized treatment program” that, combined with the meticulous guidance of my treatment team and concierge-like staff, generated the kind of results that exceeded what I had hoped for prior to admission. I was treated with respect and kindness by the staff the whole way through. I would highly recommend Lifeskills to anyone, even to my own family if a situated permitted.”

Grateful Client

“To curators of the flame, we thank you. This job you do, the burdens you carry with fortitude, the strength you uphold, all of it does not fall on deaf ears. For the job you choose to do is difficult, while taking care of these embers as they grow hot and burn, you continue on. Valiantly, gracefully and full of purpose. To the curators of the flame, we thank you for your presence, for it brings to us safety. We feel your hearts shine so beautifully through your kind words and listening ears. So, to the curators of the flame, we will never forget you. Although we move on, your lessons have become intertwined within us, birthing new creations of love, compassion and sobriety.”

Grateful Client

“I have over 25 years’ experience working in the mental health and substance abuse field. Lifeskills South Florida has exceptional staff. The staff are highly trained in DBT and EMDR as well as grief and trauma. I have seen clients being treated with the utmost dignity and respect. If you or a loved one is struggling, this is the place to get the help you and your loved ones deserve.”

Grateful Client

“Lifeskills is a family oriented treatment centers. The facility is staff by professional therapist and techs who cares about the clients and their well-being. So if you’re struggling with any issues give us a try.”

Grateful Client

“Wow, I can’t even imagine where to begin in my praises of this facility! For starters, I have never encountered a more sensitive and empathetic treatment team that so accurately curtails their treatment to each individual. From Dr. Ockman and my therapist, Sandy on the clinical side, to all the kind and generous technicians on the residential side, Gus, and John, in particular, Lifeskills is by far the quintessential treatment center for anyone struggling with substance abuse or dual diagnosis issues. Highly Recommended!!!”

Grateful Client

“While my stay at Lifeskills was short, I made lifelong connections with members of the community. The clinical staff are highly educated and passionate about changing the lives of each and every client. The Clinical Director treated me as if he were my concierge at the Ritz-Carlton. I highly recommend Lifeskills to anyone battling addiction or mental health challenges.”

Grateful Client

“This place saved my life. Being surrounded by supportive people 24/7 allowed me to see my worth and understand that hope is possible. I miss the supportive staff and peers I met along this journey. Time flies here if you’re willing to get the help you need and deserve.”

Grateful Client

“When I came to Lifeskills South Florida, I was resistant to change, and believed that I did not need any help. Despite this, the treatment team and staff were still very supportive, and helped me to realize that I had things to work on. After I adjusted to the environment and realized that I really did have serious mental health and substance abuse issues, I fully immersed myself in the treatment, so that I could become a version of myself that I could be proud of. My primary therapist, Christine Quinn, was one of the best therapists that I’ve had in my life. She never hesitated to go above and beyond, or to tailor the treatment to my specific needs. I have an emotional support animal (ESA) whom, with the help of Christine, was welcomed into the community. The program offers treatment opportunities for a myriad of disorders/issues including substance abuse, mood disorders, depression, anxiety, personality disorders, family dynamics, etc. While in treatment, I had the opportunity to take a fully diagnostic psychoanalysis to determine precisely what mental health disorders I was struggling with, and a few were discovered that I had not previously been treated for. I also was able to take gene-site testing, a test that looks at markers in your DNA to determine which psychotropic medications would work well for you, and which would cause undesired side effects and/or not improve the targeted issues. One of the most impressive things to me was the variety of recovery meetings offered to the clients, including AA, NA, CA, MA, SMART, and Refuge. They really do try to offer whatever works for each individual patient. Overall, my stay at Lifeskills was exactly what I needed and I couldn’t have asked for more. I came in as a late-teen with mental-health and substance issues that were vying for my life, a nearly broken-beyond-repair family dynamic, and a lack of purpose in direction. Lifeskills helped me to make a complete 180, and I left here with knowledge on how to manage and cope with my mental health, a strong desire and ability to stay sober, improved relationships with my family, and a plan for continuing my education and legitimate career aspirations.”

Grateful Client

“I walked through the Lifeskills gates coming off two near death suicide attempts and very apprehensive to treatment. I quickly started to demonize the program and was unwilling to conform to the community. I wanted nothing to do with the groups and resented the structure that I was asked to follow. Being from Brooklyn, I was unfamiliar with this particular law that Florida implements when you’re non compliant with treatment called the Marchman Act. It’s a law that your therapist and parents can decide to hire a lawyer and enact, despite whether they have guardianship over you or not. This sounds unappealing, controlling and violating but its dialectical. I was right to feel betrayed and violated but on the flip side, the court order to Marchman Act and keep me at Lifeskills saved my life literally and figuratively. Literally, I know that if I had bailed and left treatment I would have hit rock bottom again and my luck dodging death with suicide attempts would have run out. Figuratively, I have a life that for the first time in a long time i’m looking forward to rather than hopelessly dreading it. I have plans, goals and aspirations that I’m gonna pursue in which I never had the motivation or the fortitude to carry out when I was using and mentally in a bad head space. I had an epiphany about 3 weeks into treatment and decided I want something better for my life. I choose my future and my past tells me where I’ve been but doesn’t have to dictate where I’m going. I started complying with everything that was asked of me, going to groups, showing the staff respect and engaging in the community and I transformed from an angry and self isolated victim to an inspirational and motivated leader who enjoys setting the tone for others and who wants to pursue a career in psychology, working with people who have the same struggles that I came into treatment with. I believe there’s nothing better than turning you’re greatest struggles and demons into your most profound attributes. The trick to success at Lifeskills and all other treatment centers is simple. First, surround yourself with the individuals dedicated to getting and staying better. The winners. The leaders. The people who are gonna lead by example and motivate you not to fall off the wagon regardless of whether you’re here for drugs, alcohol or mental health. Second, avoid the drama at all costs, once again being a leader not a follower and understanding that to adapt to your surroundings means finding common ground with everyone but at the same time being mature enough not to get sucked into the drama. Third, it contradicts life outside of Lifeskills but when in treatment you have to be selfish. You have to understand that although the community aspect is an intricate part of getting stable, you’re ultimately here for yourself and the only person that benefits from your success or failure is YOU. Soak up everything you can whether it be groups that apply or not, individual therapy, living in a safe community where you can’t throw a rock without hitting one of your friends or staff who you know can relate to anything you got on your mind, or simply just a beautiful environment you can work on yourself without outside stressors. If you do these simple things I guarantee you not only success in this program but a new outlook on your life. I did it so I know it’s possible. Good Luck.”

Grateful Client

“Five Stars! I began treatment at Lifeskills South Florida on December 13, 2017. I came here for Borderline Personality Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, grief, and sexual identity issues. I saw no hope for my life and was losing trust with my friends, family, and school. Self-harming and drug use were taking over my life and saw no escape from it. After starting their three month residential program (it takes about a month to get used to the facility), I began to notice an environment of healing and growth. The mental health technicians are highly trained and spoke with me when I was having my darkest moments and gave me support when I most needed it. The non-clinical staff was outstanding and made my three-month residential stay absolutely amazing. I then transitioned to their PHP program and lived at Osceola House, which is less intense than residential, but structured well enough to support sobriety and recovery from mental illnesses. The director, April Scholl, is absolutely amazing and has a real passion for clients. The step-down programs really work and I highly recommend their continuum of care. The clinical team here was fantastic and always had the clients’ best interests in mind. My therapist, Dr. Michelle Quilter, changed my life from my first session, along with my family therapist Sara Arce. The discipline that this place taught me has given me structure to my life and I no longer want to use substances, self-harm, or lie to my friends. If you are struggling with mental health issues, I encourage you to contact Lifeskills because they care about each client. You are not a number here; you are an individual person who they genuinely care about. I would not be alive if I had never come to Lifeskills. My future career in medicine is now a real possibility. You have to work here to get well, but they will provide you with everything you need. Thank you Lifeskills South Florida.”

Grateful Client

“Lifeskills has helped me in so many ways it really has changed my life mentality and helped with bipolar and addiction. It gave me coping skills for addiction and anger management and it has been great for communication. My relationships with my family have improved tremendously. The staff has been amazing, both residential (especially Gus) and clinical staff – they are kind and help you with all needs and direct you in the most positive way in life. I would suggest Lifeskills to any one in need of help in mental health and addiction.”

Grateful Client

“This is a great place with phenomenal therapists that do their best to put each client in a great position, both emotionally and spiritually. I came here in May of 2018 and am getting ready to leave in January 2019, and I have made some great friends with lifelong memories to cherish. I would recommend coming here for treatment. It can be expensive but if you have PPO insurance that will help with cost tremendously.”

Grateful Client

“I had struggled with severe depression and anxiety for 13 years prior to coming here, so intensely that I came to view it as a fact of life, an inextricable part of myself. Lifeskills helped me break free of this, freed me from prisons in which I never knew I was contained. What’s more, they did so in a way that empowered me to find my own solutions, providing me with swimming lessons instead of a life vest, an internal set of tools which I’m confident will always serve me reliably. This is the first treatment center I’ve ever been to, so I regrettably cannot speak to its comparative efficacy in an informed capacity, but I’m confident (especially in hearing about some of my peers’ prior experiences) that it’s a generous cut above the average. If you, like I used to, consider happiness a strange and fleeting anomaly rather than a consistent and familiar mood, I strongly recommend Lifeskills SF. It works if you work it.”

Grateful Client

“The staff and leadership are composed of quality individuals that exhibit clinical excellence, teamwork, integrity and compassion. Highly recommended!”

Grateful Client

“I spent 3 months residential and the staff of very friendly for the most part, they do show so tough love when necessary but always leave you feeling cared about. I personally would recommend the therapist Michelle to anybody who decides treatment is what they need. Even if you aren’t assigned to her she is usually there to talk to. I highly recommend the program to anyone seeking help.”

Grateful Client

“I was in residential treatment for 5 months, due to trauma, and there aren’t sufficient adjectives in the English language to describe the amazing staff and superior quality of service provided. The clinicians are top-notch and the treatment is exceptional; their level of training and experience is highest in nation. Also, would like to mention that they are magnificent human beings. Their interns undergo first rate training, and are always eager to be a liaison with and between patients, technicians, and other staff. Their technicians treat all the patients with love and respect, and have all the same goal – the patient’s well being and self-sufficiency. The cleaning staff is full of love, happiness, and well-intentioned. Without mentioning that the nurses are always smiling, and highly interested in patient’s health.”

Grateful Client

“By now you know that I came from a very loving and competitive family. Our parents love us more than life but made sure that we learned that hard work and dedication would ultimately lead to success. In my quest for perfection, I fell apart. I lost sight of my dreams, gave up on my heart, and didn’t care who it hurt. Thank you for opening my eyes, pointing me in the right direction and never giving up on me. You are one in a million and will never forget you. In a way, you saved my life…Thank you.”

Grateful client, Bergen County, NJ

“I am 28 years old and suffer from addiction and mental health issues. In my life my sickness has taken me through so much pain, loss and near death experiences. On my path to recovery i have been through 26 treatment centers, detox programs and psych hospitals. I was completely at my wits end. No treatment center I have found had the capacity to help me, and it always ended the same way. Life skills south Florida has helped me in many various ways such as getting back to who I really am inside and out. My self esteem is boosted everyday as I taker care of my self, do my own laundry cook my own meals and attend self help, mental health and addiction groups throughout the day. The counselors are skilled and able to dealing with me on a level that is personal and supports the growth that I am PERSONALLY seeking as well as what my family wishes to achieve. I highly recommend Life skills south Florida to ANYONE who is seeking help in this area of their life.”

Grateful Client, California

“I graduated from college today. I wanted to write you to tell you that I couldn’t have done this without everything you and the entire Lifeskills team did for me. Words can’t express how grateful I am for your helping me to build a strong foundation in sobriety, sanity, and mental health. I’ve been working in a social psychology lab this past semester, and when I read in an article about an effective mentoring strategy that involved giving someone high standards of behavior and telling him/her that s/he is being held to them because s/he is capable of them, I thought of you. My GPA for the past year has been 4.21 and I’ve been working a few jobs, including some freelance stuff I used to do before everything went to hell. I couldn’t have accomplished any of it without your guidance and support during my first year of sobriety. I hope you’re doing well and still busting heads in order to save lives.”

Grateful Client, New York, NY

“You guys have been incredible. Your knowledge and wisdom, your compassion and concern, has changed my life. I am not the same person I was when I walked into Lifeskills. I have a new lease on life. Thank you for your guidance and care. I am determined to live the things that I learned-and you have taught me so much. I will remember you and keep you in my prayers always. Semper Fidelis!”

Grateful Client, Atlanta, GA

“Lifeskills has helped bring me to reality. Changed my life to more positive outlooks and positive way of life. I’m learning new ways every day. The staff has been extremely helpful to me. Their experience is very empathetic and knowledgeable at the same time. Clinical staff worked with us individually; unusual. Transitional living is structured to keep us together and united. We learned to deal with our feelings and learned more what we want out of life before we go on our own. Thank you Lifeskills.”

Grateful Client, Florida

“This place has saved my life, it is exceptional in every way, the therapists from every aspect are great. The community living is very helpful to get your life back in order by going to the gym, yoga, the groups, and outside meetings really help you in your recovery. I recommend this treatment facility because of the wide variety of the therapy, the staff and the overall good vibes it has in general. If your life is unmanageable and you want to change your life for the better – this is the place! Take it seriously, and you will get so much out of it.”

Grateful Client, Georgia

“I came to Lifeskills in June of this year completely debilitated and mentally crippled from severe depression and anxiety. I was unable to perform basic ADL’s (activities of daily living) or self care. I left in September with DBT, REBT and CBT coping skills, in addition to the correct medication regime for me. I have spent years trying various medications, including Ketamine treatments, with no success. I came to Lifeskills very doubtful and with essentially no optimism. However, the environment is so conducive to improvement and success. There is an open door policy and I received excellent individual and family therapy from highly qualified therapists and medical and psychiatric care in a safe and supportive environment. I returned home as a wife and mother, with full intentions of returning to my career. I highly recommend Lifeskills South Florida to anyone suffering from mental illness and/or addiction. My sister found this program on line and it has been such a blessing! If you decide to change your life, trust the Lifeskills process and be patient and committed. Lifeskills changes lives!! Never give up hope!!”

Grateful Client

“I remember being amazed that you were able to draw, explain and organize my complex mind in a remarkable way. I learned how to believe in myself, be patient and not over analyze. You even accepted me with all of my defects and remained patient with me. For that, I consider you God sent. You are my guardian angel…I know that you aren’t leaving me because I refuse to leave you: I need you to remain my back up cheerleader. I cannot express to you how grateful I am for everything that you have done for me. Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but also the parent of all others.”

Grateful Client, Palm Beach County, FL

Lifeskills South Florida Testimonials: Families and Friends

“Tara Alhadeff is an amazing therapist. She listens, comprehends and provides resources for her clients and their families. I have known Tara for several years and she is a genuine individual that treats everyone with dignity. Tara is helping my family find the best treatment options in order for our nephew to have the skills needed to navigate on his journey.”

Grateful Family of Former Client

“We were desperate to get help for a family friend and reached out to this facility. With the help of the staff and Dr. David, the clinical director, we were able to have him in residential for 2 months and then transfer to outpatient care. During his stay, we visited with him and met the staff members and toured the beautiful facility. I’m so thankful that we found this amazing center to help our dear friend get him the help he needed. He’s been mentally healthy, clean and sober for 16 months. Thank you Lifeskills!”

Grateful Family of Former Client

Life Skills South Florida has given my brother the opportunity and skills to succeed and exceed in his career path. We are thankful to the Directors and staff for the blessings and extremely grateful!

Grateful Family of Former Client

Life Skills South Florida has given my brother the opportunity and skills to succeed and exceed in his career path. We are thankful to the Directors and staff for the blessings and extremely grateful!

Grateful Family of Former Client

“Facility is beautiful and so professional and really helped a family member get well.”

Grateful Family of Former Client

“I highly recommend Lifeskills South Florida. They helped a very good friend of mine turn her life around. The staff were extremely welcoming and dedicated to her recovery. I would recommend this facility to anyone struggling with addiction issues!”

Grateful Family of Former Client

“Thank you so much for making sure our hard work had meaning, depth & learning…that we all came away with understanding, feelings and focus which our future can be rebuilt if we want it to be…We are blessed that our path has crossed yours.”

Grateful parent, Long Island, NY

“I just wanted to take a moment to give a special thank you for the Family Weekend. It was such a powerful experience. The weekend format was excellent and so helpful and informative. I know we both experienced such valuable healing. I know that this was in part due to the excellent, excellent help from the staff.”

Grateful parent, Denver, CO

“That was such a moving experience. We are still reeling- in a good way. We are so glad that our son went to Lifeskills. We can see so much better now how he has worked and changed. The work you do is amazing.”

Grateful parent, Westchester County, NY

“Thank you so much for a mind-blowing, intuitive and informative weekend! We both felt that we came away from the Family Weekend experience with so much new information. We both felt that we know ourselves as well as our daughter so much better. You do good work and it’s much appreciated!”

Grateful parent, Baltimore, MD

“We are grateful to lifeskills for offering us hope that our child can recover and lead a productive life. The parent’s weekend we recently attended gave us the opportunity to meet the staff and deepen our awareness of the programs available at Lifeskills. We also benefited from family therapy sessions that opened communications, allowed us to work and interact with other families that share similar situations and created an awareness of dynamics we need to implement to heal as a family. Since entering the program, our child has markedly improved because of the deep knowledge and professionalism of the staff at Lifeskills.”

Grateful Parent, New York

“Lifeskills South Florida was the perfect place to treat my child’s mental health and addiction issues. The staff ‘s qualifications and areas of expertise enable my child to get the targeted therapy that was needed. The staff are always available to answer questions and have treated my family with dignity and respect. I particularly appreciate the family therapy sessions. I would highly recommend Lifeskills South Florida.”

Grateful Parent, Pennsylvania

“Our family has faced many challenges and Lifeskills has been a blessing for us. They have a very informative family weekend which helped our family grow closer together. They helped us gain insights and the information that was given will be valuable for years to come. The employees are skilled professionals and have saved our family. We cannot thank them enough.”

Grateful Family of Former Client

“I reached out to David, Clinical Director at Life Skills South Florida, May 2020 regarding a relative who was abusing pain medication and tranquilizers. My relative (in his late 50’s) had a long history of drug addiction. As his family are out of state and I offered to get him help. David asked questions about his behavior and conduct. He took time to understand what the family had been through and was empathic and genuinely concerned. David showered me with wonderful support and was available whenever I had a question or concern. My relative’s condition continued to deteriorate; he became paranoid and was hallucinating. The police were called on several occasions to deal with his disruptive behavior and the family became desperate. David referred me to Ruth at Admissions and she too was extraordinarily kind and helpful. Both David and Ruth explained the legal procedure of the Marchman Act (for Drug Addiction) and the Baker Act (for Mental Illness). With their incredible support and assistance, we were able to get my relative help. Highly recommend this facility.”

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