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Lifeskills and the Greenfield Recovery Center
are joining forces.

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Lifeskills + Greenfield

Lifeskills and the Greenfield Recovery Center are joining forces. These two powerhouses are combining to better serve those with a Video Game or Technology Addiction along with the commonly co-occurring conditions that accompany these disorders.

For 30 years, Lifeskills has provided customized, evidence-based treatment for adults struggling with psychiatric, trauma-based, substance use, and process addiction disorders, and is recognized as a national center of clinical excellence. Dr. David Greenfield is one of the world’s leading voices on process and behavioral addictions, and the founder of the Center for Internet and Technology Addiction and the Greenfield Recovery Center.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why was the program transitioned from a stand-alone center to Lifeskills?

When someone has a video game or technology addiction, Dr. Greenfield commonly sees other mood, thought, or anxiety disorders present, along with neuroatypical disorders such as ADHD and ASD. The Greenfield Recovery Center specialized in treating video game and technology addictions and Lifeskills has extensive experience in treating mood, though, and anxiety disorders. Together they provide a comprehensive treatment experience addressing both behavioral health and technology addiction issues.

This move allows clients to receive the full spectrum of care needed to expedite their recovery in all areas at the same location.

Are Video Game and Technology Addiction clients in the general mileu or in a separate area?

No. There are separate facilities specifically designed and built for video game and technology addiction clients that are separate from the general milieu.

This is in large part due to their specific requirements for successful technology addiction treatment. While they’ll have their own space with plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy Florida’s year-round sunshine, they’ll also have access to the amenities of the Lifeskills campus and activities.

Is Dr. Greenfield still involved in the program?

Yes! Dr. Greenfield has been actively involved in every area of the program transitioning and has worked with Dr. Ockman, Dr. Bober, and the rest of the Lifeskills clinical team to seamlessly integrate the video game and technology addiction program into Lifeskills as their seventh major clinical pathway.

Dr. Greenfield designed the program and will continue to be an active part of the program as a Consulting Medical Director and will work with patients, families, and staff as part of the treatment process.

Is recreational therapy still a core component of the program?

Absolutely. Lifeskills is renowned for its recreational therapy program and a recreational therapist is onsite to help facilitate it. Video game and technology addiction clients need to know how to engage in real-time living, and recreational therapy is a critical component of their treatment. These include everything from exercise, paddle boarding, walking trails, yoga, kayaking, and more. Florida’s climate makes year-round outdoor activity (with more water activities in the summer!) practical and enjoyable.

What else should I know about the transition?

This is an exciting time for the Greenfield Center and Lifeskills, and we’re looking forward to sharing more about it with you. Here are some helpful links for you to dive in, learn more, and reach out to us to speak with an admissions professional.

Video Game and
Technology Addiction

Compulsive and addictive use of video gaming by young adults has become a growing public health issue throughout the world. This pathway offers young adults (18+) who are compulsively using the internet, video games, social media, smartphones, and other screen technologies, a more balanced life with a more sustainable use of technology.

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About Lifeskills South Florida

Since 1991, Lifeskills has offered evidence-based and customized residential treatment programs to adults (females and males ages 18+) suffering from mental health, process addiction, and substance use disorders. Lifeskills South Florida is licensed by the Florida Association of Recovery Residences (FARR), Florida Department of Children & Families (DCF), Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (ACHA), and is CARF accredited.

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