Lifeskills South Florida takes a holistic approach to healing and offers yoga six days a week. It’s not only about the pose, but also the philosophy of mindfulness paired with breathing and movement to help calm the brain and body. We work with clients of varying athletic abilities and follows the Lifeskills overall philosophy of “meeting clients where they are at.” We begin here and move clients towards individual goals of fitness and mindfulness.

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Lifeskills also offers gym memberships to all our clients to further our holistic approach to treatment. Physical fitness is an important part of the overall Lifeskills model and key to long-term wellness and recovery. For that reason, attending gym outings or yoga is a mandatory part of a client’s daily schedule six days a week. So that all clients can participate, we will modify our fitness programs to align with each person’s capabilities.

Genetic Testing

Lifeskills offers genetic testing, using the Genesight Test by Assurex. We reserve this testing for those who need medication to aid in recovery but have struggled to find the correct, effective medicine and dose. Administered by an oral swab, the test helps to offer insight into an individual’s response to different medications based on their genetic makeup. Genetic testing can indicate how an individual metabolizes certain medications, which ones are a better fit, and which ones can cause unwanted side effects. The test can also detect genetic variations which might otherwise go undetected.

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Psychological Testing

Psychological Testing is offered to clients when necessary to gain deeper insight into issues that may be affecting their individualized treatment plan and overall successful treatment outcome. Dr. Krista Valz, PsyD, who completed her pre-doctoral internship at the South Florida Evaluation and Treatment Center, administers this test. Dr. Valz utilizes her extensive experience to identify the diagnosis accurately and works with Dr. Bober, the client and their family to tailor treatment interventions that lead to effective, meaningful outcomes.

The Holistic Approach at Lifeskills South Florida

At Lifeskills South Florida, we combine a holistic approach with evidence-based treatments to give you or your loved one a comprehensive treatment experience. Through a variety of mental health programs and mental health therapies, we can help your loved one re-stabilize their life and learn to manage the symptoms of their mental health disorders.

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